MIXED USE PROJECT – not today!
Christopher Curry, Sr. EVP of Howard Hughes Corp. (HHC) at Manh. CB1 meeting, Jan. 19, 2016:
“Let me state this very clearly. That is not the project we’re proposing TODAY. That is not the project.” [emphasis added]

And for once we have to agree – HHC was not going to propose (and certainly not expose) the “Mixed Use Project”.

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Friends of South Street Seaport Reveals Clandestine Hotel Tower & other Mixed Use Planning in Historic Seaport

FOSSS obtained secretly submitted documents filed by joint “Project Applicants” NYC Economic Development Corp. (EDC) and Howard Hughes Corp. (HHC) for a “Mixed Use Project”.
When confronted with the FOIL evidence, HHC representative Chris Curry and HHC counsel Paul Selver denied that there were Mixed Use plans at this time. Mr. Curry: “…at this point, that is not the plan”.
In the face of over 400 pages of filings, no one in the know was buying it.

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FOSSS Seeks Full Review As Part of Clandestine Hotel Tower & Mixed Use Planning at Seaport

In a letter dated Jan. 14, 2016 to NYC Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, the Friends of South Street Seaport (FOSSS) called on City Hall to disregard “confidential” draft environmental impact documents submitted to the City Planning Commission (CPC) by the developer Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) obtained by FOSSS under a FOIL request, and conduct a transparent public environmental review.

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