Future of Glooming Shadows over Manhattan

Elinor Fine & Judith Pearlman address the issue and possible solutions in a proposal distributed at the MAS Meeting, Feb. 26, 2015: …”In the past, the sky was always visible, but air rights and zoning variances have made it all but disappear from our city. Manhattan is getting darker and darker. The canyons of Wall Street have moved uptown. They have invaded Midtown and the Upper East and West Side, casting day-long shadows on Central Park as far north as 72nd Street. Huge towers are invading the avenues, blocking the sun from morning to night. Even 53rd street will soon be consumed by MoMA’s 83-story mid-block tower.

…The transfer of air rights (originally limited to buildings adjacent to one another) has now gathered steam and power, and will be portable—crossing streets and neighborhoods, guaranteeing (since there is no adequate oversight of the process) that the problem will grow.”

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