Friends of South Street Seaport Reveals Clandestine Hotel Tower & other Mixed Use Planning in Historic Seaport

FOSSS obtained secretly submitted documents filed by joint “Project Applicants” NYC Economic Development Corp. (EDC) and Howard Hughes Corp. (HHC) for a “Mixed Use Project”.

FOSSS informed Manhattan Community Board 1 (CB1) of the filings as HHC prepared to request approval of plans relating to the landmarked Tin Building at the South St Seaport — a key component of a “Mixed Use Project” that HHC has long denied having plans for.

At a CB1 Seaport/Landmarks meeting on Jan 19, 2016, Roger Byrom, a member of CB1 — after HHC’s presentation on the Tin Building — asked HHC’s representative Chris Curry how the Tin proposals now before CB1 relate to other plans that HHC has regarding a Mixed Use Project. Mr. Curry — obviously taken aback, paused a moment, questioned what document Mr. Byrom had, how did he get it, then denied that HHC had plans for a “Mixed Use Project” which included the Tin Building. Mr. Curry: “…at this point, that is not the plan”.

When confronted with the FOIL evidence, one of HHC’s lawyers, Paul Selver, ran to Mr. Curry’s defense, whispered some sweet nothings in Mr. Curry’s ear, then proceeded with his own denial of any Mixed Use plans, insisting that the filed documents were only ‘conceptual’ to meet a required Aug. 31, 2015 milestone, nothing more.

HHC ended its defense with no one in the know buying it.

SSS-CB1 Curry-Selver Huddle 1.19.2016SSS-CB1 Selver-Curry 1.19.2016b

At over 400 pages of documentation, the filings are either:

  1.  a comprehensive & accurate depiction of HHC’s Mixed Use Planning,   or
  2.  they were pulled together from the file of false pretense, and submitted to maintain HHC’s options on the Seaport.

Photos show Mr. Curry and Mr. Selver at CB1 denying any Mixed Use Project, and in a group huddle off to the side.




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