1. I am a 1989 graduate of Murry Bergtraum high school and I first met the South Street Seaport in 1985 as a freshman at MBHS. I am also a real agent estate at present and have always been in love with the South Street Seaport from that time and onward. I believe the change and progress that the Howard Hughes Corporation is proposing for the area is awesome and I look forward to the growth because I am tired of having to visit the inner harbor of Baltimore, Md to enjoy the awesome amenities that seaport has to offer when I reside in the world’s greatest city and should have those same amenities at my seaport in my home town of NYC. Here is to astrongerseaport.nyc. Peace and Love South Street Seaport Lovers. 🙂

    • To my Keyfood friend – we all want our special Seaport revitalized. But the city needs to step up to its responsibilities to all of us – New Yorkers as well as taxpayers, and stop turning over public assets to private developers who’s interests are guided not by us, but by the money they can make from us. The New Market site, part of the old Fish Market, is public space, and putting a luxury tower on it, effectively removing it from the public domain, and blocking views of the Brooklyn Bridge on all sides – river and land – is just wrong on so many counts. — one of many South Street Seaport Lovers.

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