NYC Economic Development Corp. (EDC) tries to take unilateral action to demolish New Market site

The NYC Economic Development Corp.’s latest maneuver to demolish the Fulton Fish Market NEW MARKET Building without proper public review triggers USACE Investigation request by Friends of South Street Seaport (FOSSS).

On Jan 5, 2018, Maureen Koetz of FOSSS wrote to the Inspector General of the USACE (1-5-2018) requesting

 that the Engineer Inspector General open an investigation as to whether City and private entities are attempting to violate permit, consultation, and public review legal requirements…”.


On Oct. 2, 2015, the Assistant Secretary for the Army-Civil Works responded to concerns raised by Friends of South Street Seaport back in May 2015 regarding waterfront developments in process for Pier 17, and secretly planned for the adjacent Tin & New Market sites by joint project applicants EDC and Howard Hughes Corp. (HHC). The letter concludes with a clear directive –

“[a]ny additional or subsequent work on the pilings or pier structure for the Tin and New Market Buildings, including removal of the buildings and/or a substantial change in the use of one or both piers, would require DA [Dept. of the Army] approval including a full public interest review…”