Advocates Demand End to Monied Influence in City Real Estate Deals

On May 4, 2016 on the steps of City Hall, Friends of South Street Seaport (FOSSS)  joined advocate groups from all over the city -under the coalition umbrella of “New Yorkers for A Human Scale City” – to remind elected officials that they weren’t elected to pay lip-service to the public’s interests while working back room deals with real estate interests. Coalition site: For Daily News article on the press conference:

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MIXED USE PROJECT – not today!
Christopher Curry, Sr. EVP of Howard Hughes Corp. (HHC) at Manh. CB1 meeting, Jan. 19, 2016:
“Let me state this very clearly. That is not the project we’re proposing TODAY. That is not the project.” [emphasis added]

And for once we have to agree – HHC was not going to propose (and certainly not expose) the “Mixed Use Project”.

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