Stand Against the Shadows

With the catalyst of huge shadows being cast over southern Central Park from recent mega-towers rising around the 57th St corridor bringing it into focus, a group of New Yorkers concerned with the effect that uncontrolled, as-of-right development is having on the city’s quality of life, organized a march across 57th St on Nov. 8, 2015 to bring the issue before the public.

Under the banner – “Stand Against the Shadows” – concerned residents throughout New York’s neighborhoods facing similar concerns regarding out-of-scale development which threatens the environment, city support structures and services, character and sense of place,  joined together for the walk.

“Stand Against the Shadows”  is pushing for a moratorium to halt further 600 ft. plus development until zoning laws are updated to insure that neighborhood-driven environment, preservation, and public interest concerns are fully incorporated.

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