Our Mission

– Insure that the South Street Seaport Historic area, including the New Market site,
remains within the public domain;

– Guarantee that development does not diminish or overwhelm the Brooklyn Bridge
and block its views – from the water or the land;

– Preserve the authenticity of the Seaport’s historic commercial and maritime character
as New York’s original trade center, in feel as well as in fact;

– Restore the Seaport Museum, its ships, and historic buildings – as the central resource
for outreach, education, and revitalization of the area;

– Recognize that the public spaces and historic buildings of the Seaport are interwoven
in their contribution to the Seaport’s sense of place in our country’s history and should
not be developed independent of, or out-of-scale and out-of character with each other;

– Gain New York City recognition of the 1939 New Market Building site as an integral
part of the old Fulton Fish Market, bringing it in alignment with the National Historic

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